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Monitoring ephemeral water bodies (WENDOU)

Monitoring ephemeral water bodies (WENDOU)

West Africa faces challenges related to high population growth, poverty, unsustainable land use practices, and ecosystem degradation, the need for improved governance, and climate variability and change. Beyond being a direct threat, climate change will exacerbate existing tensions in West Africa by impacting water availability, food security, disease prevalence, coastlines, and population distribution in the region. Without adaptive measures that increase local resiliency; physical, human, and financial losses are expected to be significant. Many of these challenges to West Africa can be addressed in part with geospatial information. Timely geospatial data can provide new insights to facilitate solutions to the greatest development challenges. The pond monitoring service became operational through the “WENDOU” platform available here, from which the NGO AVSF (Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières) is disseminating information. The process relies on a set of community radios, relay antennas throughout the Ferlo region, but also on the dissemination of messages to a phone database of users (text and audio in several languages) by a start-up company called Jokalante. The URAC network has to be helped for increasing the number of community radios.

Agriculture and food security (AFS)

Agriculture is the base of the economy of West Africa, which, as the World Bank asserts, provides livelihoods for most of the vulnerable population..

Land use land cover change and ecosystems (LUE)

Landscape management is associated with major challenges and opportunities throughout West Africa..

Water and water-related disasters (WRD)

Water scarcity and excess are the major constraints to sustainable livelihoods in the Sahel and West Africa. They usually result in floods and droughts..

Weather and climate (WAC)

West Africa is prone to high variability in seasonal weather. This is exacerbated by climate change, which increases the severity and frequency of this variation. Traditional means..

Financial instruments (FIS)

Financial Instruments (FIS) is a new service area proposed by SERVIR West Africa for 2022-2027 to build EO services that leverage stakeholders’ access to financial resources across..


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